September 10, 2015

Life With a Side of Insanity...

Oh, where to begin? Life has taken some exciting and interesting turns lately - and I couldn't be more thrilled about all the changes!

First of all, I am absolutely, completely, and utterly enamored with my new job. Working for the American Cancer Society and doing my part to make a difference in the fight against cancer - how can life get better than that? It has absolutely been an adjustment, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My first big event happened last week and I was very pleased with how it turned out (blog post coming soon) and it made me fall in love with what I do even more! I can't believe that my BIG event is less than two months away! Good gracious, I have some SERIOUS work to do!

Speaking of having tons of work to do, there's some big news in the world of Wally and Jules! G and I bought a house! Not only did we buy a house, we bought a 1960's-hasn't been updated in 50 years-covered all over in wallpaper-olive green and gold adorned house. It may be dated (and that's an understatement) but there is so much potential!

The outside is pretty cute as is...there are a few updates that are needed (and some serious landscaping) but overall, not too much to do here. 
Wowza! Those are some AWESOME 60's style wrought iron room dividers! And see all that glorious wallpaper? Nice. 

The kitchen, complete with the original wall oven from 1968! Still works! Appliance updating, cabinet painting, new flooring, and new hardware will be starting soon!

I don't even have words. This room has major potential, but it's going to take a lot of work. I think this will be my biggest challenge. Plan: whitewash the brick, remove the shelving in front of the windows, new flooring, new paint, and removing the huge ceiling fan. Maybe some recessed lighting? Maybe we just burn the whole room down and start over? :) 

This room might be my favorite in terms of wallpaper. So. Much. Green. 
Between lots of job craziness and renovating a house, I'm pretty sure that it's official - we've gone round the bend! As hard of work as tearing down wallpaper has been, I've actually really been enjoying the projects. We've pulled out all the carpet and have managed to get most of the wallpaper down (except for a few tricky spots). I do believe there is a special place in the depths of hell for people who wallpaper over wallpaper....or even worse, wallpaper over wallpaper that has been painted on!

It's a work in progress, but I can't wait to show you all the after pictures. If it turns out even close to how I'm imagining it in my head, it's going to be a great end result!

 photo b3b2c609-aa06-4f64-89b3-367957f19d2f.jpg

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  1. PLEASE keep all the furnishings and wallpaper the same! Totally Guthrie and your style - haha!! CONGRATS again, friend!


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