January 14, 2015

Sewing Projects and Warm Fuzzies!

I'm sure many of you have seen the article about koala mittens floating around Facebook lately, but if not, the general gist is this: in Australia, there is a bushfire season. During this season, lots of koalas are injured by the fires while trying to flee their habitat. During this escape, they often get severe burns on their paws, causing them to require hospitalization and burn treatments for their cute little feet.

Part of the healing process is to rub a healing salve on the area, place dressings on top of that, and place little cotton mittens on their paws to keep them clean and dry. These dressings and mittens need to be changed multiple times daily, so lots and lots of mittens are needed. They are asking for anyone who knows how to sew to make as many pairs of koala mittens as possible and send them Down Under.

I wanted to post it here for a few reasons. First of all, it's a great contribution for an even greater cause. I mean, they're koalas, guys. KOALAS. Sweet, fuzzy, sleepy little guys that may be one of the cutest creatures on this earth. Secondly, I know lots of you have made a New Year's resolution to do something charitable. What a perfect opportunity to cross off one of your resolutions! Lastly, this is a super easy sewing project for beginners. The pattern is printable and would be a great way to practice your sewing skills! Just make sure to use 100% cotton fabric!

Besides the koala mittens, the International Fund for Animal Welfare is asking more advanced sewers to help a few other sweet animals who are also being affected by these wildfires - baby kangaroos, opossums, and wallabies. Many of these little guys are being orphaned due to these fires and are in need of a pouch-like environment to help raise them without their moms. This slightly more advanced pattern is also printable - and again, make sure to use 100% cotton if you choose to help!

If you are not a sewer, monetary donations can also be made to the organizations that are helping with these animal rescues. More information can be found on the IFAW website.

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  1. Omg, love this! Poor little cute koalas! We should get together and make some!!

    1. Absolutely, Meg! I am always up for sewing with fabulous friends! Name the date and time and I'm there! :)


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