January 13, 2015

Golden Globe Greatness!

I will freely admit...I am no fashion blogger or connoisseur! Sure, I have a killer fashion Pinterest board (and honestly, if a genie ever gave me 3 wishes, one of them would be to make my Pinterest closet my real closet), but usually I stick to the simple basics for myself. However, one of my favorite parts of awards season is watching the gorgeous dresses come down the red carpet!

These are some of my favorites from this year's Golden Globes. It was tough to pick because there were so many absolutely stunning gowns, but I managed to narrow it down to my top 3 favorites.

Laura Prepon - let's face the reality of this situation and admit that this girl would be stunning in a potato sack and brown paper bags for shoes. But this gown is absolutely beautiful on her! I love that it's both simple, dramatic, and modest. I think a bright lip color would have been amazing, but I can dig the nude look, too. A+, Laura! Give your stylist some serious props for me!

Reece Witherspoon - This is so simple, yet so gorgeous! I love the shimmer, the silhouette, and the color. I also really like how she skipped the big bling - casual hair, no neck jewelry, small earrings. Understatement is a beautiful thing!

Kate Beckinsale - I love the different textures of the top and bottom of the gown...it really pops! Plus, as you can probably tell by my prior choice with Reece, I have a bit of an obsession with silver. And sparkles. This is the perfect shape for her. And again, she kept it simple. Absolutely lovely, darling!

Now, the countdown begins for the Oscars! I'm so looking forward to the beautiful threads that I'll see on their red carpet show!

What were your favorites? Any major flops?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog today and excited to discover yours back! Kate Beckinsale was totally my pick - she's so stunning, and I love the glitz :)


  2. Yes!!! Reese can do no wrong! Other faves include Lupita, Taylor Swift, and Anna Kendrick!


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