December 4, 2014

Fun With Felt - The Christmas Tree Project

This is my newest little niece, Baby J, whom I lovingly refer to as Pterodactyl Baby because she is constantly making dinosaur noises and screeches for absolutely no reason. She is, just like all my other nieces, completely, utterly, and totally ADORABLE. I was so excited to finally get to meet her!

Of course, with a 3 year old, 1-1/2 year old, and newborn in the house, life gets a little bit crazy for my brother and his wife. We knew they were considering not putting up the full Christmas tree this year due to all the hectic and crazy things going on, so my mom and I thought we would give them another option. A felt Christmas tree for the girls to decorate, un-decorate, and much as their little hearts desired!

Off we went to Hancock Fabrics to purchase all the necessities! We purchased green felt on the bolt and sheets of felt in tons of assorated colors. Then, the fun began! My mom and I spent the first 10 minutes arguing about who was going to cut out the tree...neither of us wanted to commit to that daunting task! I ended up drawing it out with a fabric pencil and my mom was brave and cut it for us - she did a fabulous job! We ended up making the tree about 40" high.

Once our beautiful tree was cut out, we needed to make some ornaments.The great thing about felt trees is that felt sticks to felt - you don't need to put any velcro or sticky tack onto the ornaments. They simply stay right on the tree. It's wonderful!

Cutting felt is not as easy as it looks...but it was a blast! I figure if nothing else, I can call it modern, abstract art and then nobody can make fun of me. Well, okay. They can still make fun of me a little. At least for my wonky looking star tree topper! Ha! Before we knew it, it was time to head over to my brother's house to give the girls their present.

In order to keep the felt tree on the wall, we purchased 3M Command Strips. They don't damage the wall when they come off, but they stick really well! Once the tree was up, I couldn't get the girls to stop to turn around for a picture. I will chalk that up as a success!

The total cost for this entire project was under $10, and we still have plenty of felt left for other projects. It was a blast to make, and the girls had so much fun! I kind of wish I had made one for myself! Maybe next year!
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