November 2, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Oh, Daylight Savings I both love and hate you! This morning was amazing - waking up and staying in bed for an extra hour or two, without feeling like a lazy blob, since it was, after all, ONLY 8:00am. However, now that it is only 5:30 and already getting dark, the reality of winter on its way is truly setting in! 

I did get to enjoy Halloween, though we didn't get nearly as many trick-or-treaters as we normally do. It was uncharacteristically chilly out (only about 40°...brrrr!) so our usual 30 kiddos turned into a measly 8. While not great for the size of my tushie, I am pleased to have some extra candy to snack on this year! 

I also got the chance to make a super fun costume for a friend of mine. I was so excited to see her little girl, C, wearing it for Halloween! This little gal could wear a burlap sack and still look completely adorable, but I have to say, she can pull of a glitter tutu like nobody's business!

She was so excited about it that she could barely sit still for a picture! That's one cute little ghost!

Speaking of excited, Wally was also thrilled to get to be a Wally Cheeseburger for Halloween this year. Here he is giving me the, "Seriously? This is what we're going to be doing tonight?" look that he has mastered so well. Eventually, he did forgive me for making him wear a costume...thank goodness!

I hope you all had a more eventful Halloween evening than I did! What was the best costume you saw this year?

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