November 9, 2014

Nashville...With Friends!

What is one way to make your already awesome vacation even better? Spending it with amazing friends, that's what!

While planning our trip to Music City, we found out that our Kansas City friends J and C were going to be vacationing the same week in Florida. And it turns out that much like us, they were road tripping! Eventually, the wheels in our heads started cranking and we realized that they would likely be travelling through Tennessee on their drive home.

Somehow, we managed to convince them to stop by Nashville on their return trip so we could spend an evening with them touring around downtown, eating delicious food, and just having a plain-old good time! And let me tell you - it was a riot!

We began our final Nashville evening by heading to The Loveless Cafe for dinner. Everyone had been telling us that it was a Music City requirement - and it was truly a delicious evening! Of course, we also had to take some photos while waiting for our table and after stuffing our faces with the best fried chicken and homemade biscuits and jam I have ever had.
Best. Biscuits. EVER. No seriously. EH-VER.
I am a sucker for these silly face cutout boards!
C and I shopping at the Hams and Jams store - we found some pig salt and pepper shakers that said "Our butts are SMOKIN'!" Perfect!
After finishing our mouth-watering dinner and we were in full-on food coma (poor planning on our part - I take full responsibility!), we made the decision to power through and head to Broadway. We shopped, explored some fun honky-tonk spots, and spent the better part of an hour watching terribly drunk people with microphones at a local karaoke bar.

Broadway Street selfie time!
I am so glad we got to spend our last evening in Nashville with these two! What a great way to end our amazing vacation!

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  1. Yes!!! So awesome we made it on your blog! :) Had a blast in Nashville with you two. Time to plan for the next road trip!

    1. It was a blast! I'm definitely up for another road trip with you two ANY TIME! :)


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