November 7, 2014

More Nashville Love!

With craft fair season on my heels, I realized that I never put together my final Nashville posts. Before I tell you guys all about a few more adventures, let me say all honesty and truthfulness, I miss that city! It's been almost a month since we've returned, and while it's always wonderful to be home, snuggled in my own bed, NOT living out of a suitcase, Nashville was absolutely phenomenal.

One of our favorite activities while in Nashville was called The Nashville Escape Game. Ladies and gents, I cannot possibly recommend this enough! So, here's the basic scoop - you are "locked" into a room for 60 minutes and are given the task to find clues that will help you escape. Sounds simple, right? Well, it's definitely more difficult than it sounds...but I think that's what makes it so much fun!

Nashville Escape Game has 4 different rooms from which you can choose. We got our reservations for The Nashville Room, which I'm sure you can already guess was decked out in Music City decor. Our goal was to find the concert tickets and figure out the code that would unlock the door to the room. This particular room has only a 37% escape the odds were definitely not in our favor!

When we arrived, we met the rest of our group. Each room booking usually includes 4 - 6 people working together. The other members of our group were a riot! We were shown to our room, given the instructions, and told to get started. 60 minutes were put on the clock and we were off!

Obviously, I am not allowed to go into detail about how to escape the room, but I will say there were at least 40 different clues, codes, and puzzles that needed to be solved to lead us to the final clue. And at the 58 minute mark....WE ESCAPED!! 

We were SO EXCITED! With 2 minutes left, we solved the final clue and escaped the room! 
As strange as it sounds, the best thing I can say about this activity is that our group was SO focused at working together and finding clues, my mind didn't wander even a single time. I didn't think about Facebook. I didn't have any desire to check my phone for a text. We were so pumped and having such a great time that every single person in our group was COMPLETELY invested in the activity.

In today's world, very few activities can keep most of us away from our electronic devices...let alone, allow us to completely forget they even exist! If you are in Nashville, I cannot stress enough how much fun this place was!

Next time G and I take a weekend retreat to Nashville, we are going to try a different room and see if our luck will continue!

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