October 8, 2014

Vacation 2014 - It's Almost Here!

Vacation, here I come! I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am for our annual October trip! Sleeping in, eating anything and EVERYTHING, and going on awesome adventures with my favorite partner-in-crime, G!

This year's spot: Nashville, Tennessee. I have never been to that area of the country and I am beyond thrilled to experience what many of my friends describe as "the best southern cooking I could ever imagine". After doing some research on the amazing city of Nashville, I have come up with a pretty serious problem...there are just too many things that I want to do and not enough time to do it!

Other than traipsing around downtown Nashville, we are also planning on spending a day in the beautiful Smoky Mountain National Park. The fall colors should be in full bloom - it will surely make for a stunning day for hiking, exploring, and relaxing!

I can't wait to tell you all about our amazing trip and post photos of the exciting adventures! If you've ever been to Nashville, what are the top places I absolutely must visit?

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