October 5, 2014

Sunday Funday: Brunch Edition

How in the world is the weekend almost over?! I will admit, I was not quite as productive as I hoped I be...particularly yesterday! It was chilly, windy, and pretty darn gloomy out. Which means, it was the perfect day to cuddle up with my trusty electric blanket, puppy curled up at my side, and spend my day watching Netflix and doing research for our upcoming trip to Nashville!

However, today, I've actually managed to get a few things done. Most importantly - brunch. I am absolutely, completely, and utterly obsessed with Sunday brunch. Luckily, my husband shares my affection for all things breakfast-like, and we have made it our weekend tradition to spend Sunday mornings sipping coffee and trying out Kansas City's best brunch spots.

Today's spot was a cute, kitschy, and super fun spot in downtown's Longfellow neighborhood called Succotash. A good blogger pal of mine, Meg from Life of Meg, had suggested it a few weeks back and I trust her brunch sense explicitly!

I have to say, she was spot on with this one!

I mean, seriously. You just can't go wrong at a place with a bright pink chandelier hanging by the front door!
Very cool bar area - very cool employees! 
Mmmmm...coffee! So necessary on a Sunday morning!
 After chowing down on my Peachy Swedes, or ricotta filled Swedish style pancakes that are covered in sliced peaches, I was sadly left with zero ounces of room in my stomach for Succotash's Citrus Cake (which is literally the tallest cake I have ever seen). I wanted to try it so badly, but I was already nearing the point of asking G to carry me out to the car.

Next time, you glorious cake! Next time...
I hope you all enjoyed your weekends! What fun things did you do this weekend? What delicious adventures did you have?

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  1. Ahhhh!!! I am so glad you loved Succotash! I walked by it the other night when I was volunteering at Ronald McDonald House and I wanted to go so badly!! What did you get? That cake looks insanely delicious and huge!!! :)

    1. Thanks for the awesome suggestion! We loved it! I had the peachy swedes...they were to die for!


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