October 29, 2014

It's National Cat Day...Who Knew?

Well, the Royals are off to a nail-biting start to Game 7 of the World Series! It's been such an exciting few weeks around here - everyone is running around in their Royals gear and you can just feel the positive energy coming from all over. Baseball is the primary topic of conversation and almost every discussion ends with "Have a great day! Go Royals!" I am absolutely loving this fantastic, energetic, and awesome Kansas City right now!

Other than the constant stream of Royals posts taking over my Facebook page these days, I noticed an abnormal number of cat photos being posted today. After a little digging, it turns out that it is National Cat Day. Did any of you know that this existed, because I had no clue! While I don't have a furry little feline of my own (the hives and swollen eyes make it pretty darn difficult...ha!) I do love those little furballs!

So, in honor of National Cat Day, I just had to share my favorite cat video of all time. Enjoy, rock out to the amazing beat, and take a moment to bask in the glory of living in a world with kitties, hip hop music, You Tube, and days like "National Cat Day".

Does life get better than this?? I'm going to go with no.

Bonus brownie points if you comment with a link to your favorite cat video!

Have a great night, everyone! Give you sweet little kitty some extra catnip tonight to celebrate their special day...and Go Royals!

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