September 17, 2014

Etsy Selling According to BuzzFeed

Happy Wednesday, friends! I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but this cooler, Fall weather is making me crazy happy! I can't wait for the leaves to start turning and the smell of bonfires throughout the neighborhood! And, don't forget the deliciousness of pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! 

I'm in the swing of preparing for holiday craft fairs, planning my annual vacation week with G (look out, Nashville, we're heading your way!), and going "pin crazy" on Pinterest. Between the fall fashions and gorgeous home decor ideas, I could spend 8 hours a day on that site! If anyone is hiring a professional Pinterester, I'm your gal!

My newest project on top of my annual Fall freak out is a blog makeover. I have found so many great ideas that I'm having a hard time deciding on only one! 

So, I found this great little BuzzFeed article on my Facebook timeline today and it gave me a little giggle. Fellow Etsians, you will absolutely be able to relate! I present to you: "13 Words That Have A Different Meaning When You’re An Etsy Seller". 

So, so true about the hoarding of boxes...every day at work I look through the UPS and FedEx deliveries for sturdy, perfectly sized boxes to reuse. Once a craft hoarder, always a craft hoarder! 

What other words have a different meaning to Etsy sellers? Which did you most relate to?

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  1. Hilarious!! I like the SEO point - why does something totally different populate each time? hahaha! And "cover" - so true! The infamous and unachievable cover!

    1. Yes, Meg...I agree! SEO results are a never ending source of entertainment! Ha ha!


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