September 22, 2014

Fall Is Here - Time to Decorate!

As of 9:29pm CST tonight, Fall will officially be here! I am so excited - I wish there was a place I could live where it was Fall all the time. It's by far my favorite season - sweaters, bonfires, sipping coffee while wrapped up in a blanket with the cool breeze coming through the window. It's almost here! Though, somehow, once it arrives, it seems to be over in a flash and the snowflakes are drifting down. We have to enjoy it for the short time that we can!

In my "Fall Fury", I have been obsessing over gorgeous fall fireplace mantels. Once again, Pinterest comes to my aid in procrastination and inspiration! Could I be dusting and washing the floors? Absolutely! But instead, I'm intently searching for a creative way to display a plump pumpkin or how to best place faux orange and brown leaf garland to look oh-so-unintentionally perfect.

Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest finds so far:

I love how bright and colorful this one is! The white fireplace really makes it pop!

Gorgeous - I can't get enough of these branches with lights in a rustic metal bucket. This one looks pretty easy to DIY!

Pumpkins on candlesticks? So creative! 

I'm hoping to find some time this weekend to use this inspiration to get my house Fall ready! What are some of your favorite fall decorations for your home?

 photo b3b2c609-aa06-4f64-89b3-367957f19d2f.jpg


  1. Oooo Jules, I love these inspiration photos! I am slowly fallifying my house too! ;)

    1. Meg, when you are finished "fallifying" your house, feel free to come help me with mine! :)


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