December 15, 2010

I Heart Etsy Wednesday

It's a gorgeous Wednesday here...sure, it's a little chilly, but it's bright and sunny! I'm planning on doing plenty of Christmas cookie baking today, but didn't want to miss sharing a fantastic Etsy shop with you!

Today's featured shop is The Brewer's Market. If you have a husband like mine, the response you get whenever you ask, "What do you want for (insert holiday/occasion here)?" is usually something like "Whatever you think would be nice, dear!" Which, let's face it, is not an awesome answer.

I stumbed across this awesome shop the other day and thought it was the perfect gift for those hard to buy husbands...or really, anyone who really likes beer. You can purchase various flavors of beer mixes to brew your own delicious ales!

This is the Double Double Coffee Porter mix:

This mix is perfect for this time of year - it's called the Holiday Saison:

Need some equipment for brewing? They have that, too!
I really think this would be a great gift for any special occasion for the beer afficionado. So, take some time to stop by The Brewer's Market and check it out for yourself!

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