November 6, 2010

The Turkey Day Countdown Is On!

I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving. I'm sure the main reason is because food is probably one of my favorite things EVER. No, really. Like even if I'm full, I can totally take down an entire pan of brownies. I'm like a human garbage disposal.

Seriously, what holiday could be better than a full day in which you are expected to eat half your body weight in delicious things like turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and finish with a few slices of pie?

Last year, my friend Steph came to visit for Thanksgiving and it was a riot! I wanted to share the awesome Oreo turkeys we made to celebrate. I'll have to post a tutorial soon, but most of you could probably figure out how these were done by the photos:

Each turkey is made from candy corn, 2 oreos (we did one regular and one golden, but you can do whatever you want), a Reese's peanut butter cup (the mini size), a whopper, a peanut butter chip, and royal icing.

Steph even gave the turkey in the front Donald Trump hair. It was a stunning addition to our gorgeous fleet of turkeys!

Here is the fabulous Steph adding the "feathers".

She's SUPER excited about the royal icing!

We set our turkeys up Braveheart style...they were discussing the terms of their agreements before heading to war.

I'm hoping I have time to make some more Oreo turkeys this year! If I do, I'll definitely post the step by step instructions so you can make some, too!
19 days until turkey!


  1. super creative and very adorable. your newest blog hop follower. happy SUNDAY. would *love* a follow back. you can find me at:

    lots of FUN giveaways... come by and enter!

  2. ADORABLE ! I can tell a little bit how you made those....So creative ! Why is this month going so fast !?


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