October 4, 2010

Exciting things are coming!

It's been a good Monday...and here are a few reasons why:

1.) I have lots of great entries for my wallet giveaway! I'm so excited to get to send someone a fun little gift! Make sure you get your name in if you haven't yet! Entries close tomorrow night at 11:59pm EST.
2.) We are moving! I can't tell you all how freaking excited G and I are to move! We're staying in Columbus, but we found a fantastic townhome to rent. We'll have more space and I'll finally have my own sewing and craft room again. This will not only keep me more organized, but it will keep my poor husband from wanting to jump out the window. For the past year, our dining room table has been my sewing and crafting catch all...and if you know him at all, he's SUPER anal retentive about cleanliness and organization. Piles of fabric, spools of thread, and all my sewing equipment strewn across the dining room doesn't make for a happy G. Not to mention, I can paint and decorate again. YAY! NO MORE APARTMENT!

3.) I won a giveaway! I'm really excited about this. I entered to win some absolutely adorable hair bows from The Cherry On Top and I couldn't believe it when I got the e-mail this morning that I was the lucky winner! How cute are these bows? Thanks to Valerie from Occasionally Crafty for hosting the giveaway!

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